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It is often said that Mac users feel part of a community. From the moment you buy your first piece of Apple technology, this a sense that although thousands of such things are produced this one is yours. That feeling of belonging links you to a wider brethren of like-minded aficionados who have chosen the simplicity, beauty, and ease of use that Mac has changed the world with. In fact, there are just a handful of brands worldwide that draw such deep brand loyalty from their consumers. As part of that gathering, we started Apple user groups back in 2007 to try and unite this worldwide community of technology lovers via a portal of shared learning, education, and some fun.

Apple User GroupsHow to navigate the website

We’ve tried to break down the site into useful chunks so that you can find information where needed on the main areas of concern that appear to be relevant. We’ve got pages on technical aspects, on hardware maintenance and cleaning, on the wider subjects of Apple branding and development, and also on specific devices such as the iPhone, I watch and various categories of Mac computer. We do offer a paid IT service for those wanting more than the online forums can accommodate, so please feel free to contact us via email if this is of interest. We may be adding automated live chat within the next period.

What’s behind the success of Apple?

The subject has been much argued about by global branding experts, but the fact of the matter is their success is about more than the objects themselves. Apples created a brand that people really believe in and this, after all, is why role here involved in Apple user groups. Ultimately, the marketing machine behind Apple (John Sculley in the early days) created a brand that people resonate with deeply on the emotional level. Although there was a period in the 90s when it looked like Apple might even go out of business, they didn’t just bounce back from this but proceeded to stratospheric levels. With Steve jobs return, the minimalist aesthetic created one of the most powerfully recognised symbols in the world. And let’s face it, their machines are pretty darn good. How many PC users to know who are in the repair shop every year or two, or Mac users have machines the gone for 10 years without even blinking. And how rare to find a company that does sell millions of machines which are all of this calibre. These are the qualities that made Apple deeply successful and even human, despite their futuristic products. It’s our opinion that Apple users are not just customers but tribal members. This might sound a bit over the top bar is a genuine sense of shared understanding about the way the world could work when simple design takes precedence.


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